Friday, January 11, 2008

Is Anyone Home at Loeb?

As many of you may know, I gave up car ownership some years ago, in an effort to reduce my ecological footprint. I love this unencumbered lifestyle. Some may think it restricts one's freedom, but my experience has been quite the opposite.

Of course, this does necessitate my using other modes of transportation. Locally, I walk, cycle, or use the bus. For intercity travel I usually travel by Greyhound. This is what I used over the recent Christmas holidays when I spent eight days visiting with family and friends in Toronto .

Upon my return it occurred to me that I was low on groceries and decided a quick stop at the Loeb store on Rideau Street in the Market area of Ottawa was needed. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete my shopping. Actually, I never got started. For reasons that no one has yet been able to explain to me, I was told I had to leave and escorted from the store. My request for an explanation from the Manager was met with silence. The rest of the story is detailed below in a copy of a letter I sent to the President of Metro INC., the owner of Loeb. Nine days since sending my letter, no one has yet bothered to contact me. If they aren't interested in my story, perhaps others are.

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