Friday, April 18, 2008

More and More People are Going Hungry - Every Day

Little Blog In The Big Woods: Hunger compilation - and ACTION

A perfect storm is brewing. It hasn't swept across Canada yet. We are, however, beginning to feel the harsh winds and the sting of the salt spray. There is a tremendous need for vast numbers of us to educate ourselves and begin to take action. We need to understand that our irresponsible, profligate ways are destroying this precious planet we call home. It is becoming more difficult with every passing day for increasing numbers of people to simply provide nourishment for themselves and those they love and care for.

Why are we converting arable land to the production of biofuels so that those with money can still drive whenever they want? What is so difficult about unwrapping our fingers from the steering wheel? Why must we always have the latest gizmo brought to us from the other side of the planet? Why can't we be satisfied with locally grown fresh food? Why do we think it is acceptable to expend 50 calories of energy to bring a strawberry containing five calories of energy to our tables in the middle of winter? When will enough of us insist that enough is enough and start to reshape what is acceptable?

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