Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are These Virgin Radio Ads Sexist?

I like hard rock like so many other men. Apparently, though if I listen to it on Virgin Radio in Ottawa you would be well advised to lock up your daughters, as I, and many others may not be able to control ourselves. The "Gods of Rock" are about to be unleashed, and unless precautions are taken, your young daughters will be impregnated.

These ads came to my attention in a letter to the editor published this morning. Laura Sparling states:

The ads support the notion of women as property that can and should be supervised, controlled, and even locked up. They suggest that controlling women is the solution to teen pregnancy. They imply that women are not educated enough to make informed decisions about sexual health.

And besides being a slap in the face of all women, the ads are also insulting to men as they portray men as potential sexual predators. Lastly, these ads reinforce the idea that all good music is produced by men rather than including "goddesses of rock."

I couldn't agree with her more, and am doing what I can to draw attention to this issue.

Ms. Sparling has also organized an online petition. It deserves our support.

I also suggest you consider other means to let Virgin Radio know your concerns. I have sent the following comments to the staff at the station:

Greetings to everyone at Virgin Radio in Ottawa!

I tried to send a copy of the email below to your sales dept., but it bounced back. Just wanted to keep you all in the loop that I find your current ad campaign to be quite offensive and am letting my friends and neighbours know my views.

Unwanted teenage pregnancy is a very serious social problem, worldwide. To have it trivialized for a radio station ad campaign is, in my view, appalling. No doubt, we live in a part of the world where free speech is the accepted norm. I am very supportive of that. However, it goes both ways, and I am exercising my freedom as well, as I shall also be commenting on my blog.

Just because I am a male who loves hard rock, doesn't mean that I am going to be stoked into some kind of sexual frenzy by listening to your radio station. I have more control than that, and so should EVERY person. To suggest otherwise, as you do, is wrong.

At this point, the only reason I would be listening to your radio station is to find out who advertises with you, so I know who to avoid.

Not only do I expect you to remove these offensive ads, I also urge you to publicly state that you understand that you have trivialized a very serious social problem, and that you apologize for doing so.

I know, so often any kind of publicity is viewed as good publicity. In this instance, I wouldn't be so sure.

Leonard Poole

If you share my concerns, I urge you to let Virgin Radio and your friends and neighbours know!

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  1. Wow, Leonard way out in left field there buddy. Yes the may be offensive but I dont think its going to start a sexual frenzy seeing some miserable teenage girl thats knocked up. Come on if anything its prtoraying a negative image on teenage pregnancy. I believe it will make more children think before having sex and that thought will be do i want to be a misserable teenager and the answer will be no. Stop bitching at the problem and go talk to some people, help the kids, sitting on the sideline bitching helps no one. I also have to ask if your Christian. Because if so then you have violated your religions belief in immaculate conception which is what the ad is more aimed at since the bands name has God in it.