Sunday, April 24, 2011

If the Conservatives Get a Majority

If the Stephen Harper Conservatives get a majority in Parliament, they will take actions that will fundamentally change Canada during their mandate.

Here is what I see happening:
Within One Year-
  1. The gun registry will be gone.
  2. Canada will have agreed to spend in excess of $30 Billion on the F35 fighter jet.
  3. Spending billions on constructing new prisons will have begun.
  4. Proposals will be made to privatize some, if not all of the new prisons.
  5. A Conservative back bencher will introduce a private member's bill to restrict abortion.
  6. Funding of the CBC will be significantly decreased with hints of future privatization.
  7. They will begin the process of appointing Supreme Court Justices with a much more socially conservative legal approach.
  8. Plans will be put forth to increase privatization of health care.
  9. The government will announce plans to continue to reduce taxes as the best way to "stimulate growth" in the economy and reduce the deficit.
By the End of Their Mandate- 2015-16
  1. The fighter jet purchase will have proven to be a monumental money pit.
  2. There will be significant cost overruns on prison construction and operation.
  3. A larger percentage of the population will be in jail as part of the Government's "tough on crime" approach to dealing with social issues.
  4. The CBC will have largely been privatized.
  5. The make up of the Supreme Court of Canada will be radically different with the appointment of several Chief Justices who have more socially conservative views.
  6. Canada will have a structural deficit as it stripped away its tax base while simultaneously increasing spending on military hardware and prisons.
  7. The gap between rich and poor will have increased significantly.
  8. Canada will have an increasing number of "gated" communities as the wealthy seek to protect themselves from the poor.
  9. The Conservative Party image will have been shattered by a number of scandals, most to do with influence pedaling.
  10. Canada will be a nation divided between those that have, and those that do not. It will be a sad place.

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