Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let the Journey Begin!

I guess today is the beginning of the beginning of the trip.   Later this morning I will pedal about two kilometers to the train station. I'll be boarding train number 55 for Toronto from Ottawa & then cycle about 16 km. to my brother's home just north of  Highway 401.  I'll be spending two or three days in my old hometown visiting with family & friends before heading off to Niagara to begin what I can only describe as my first "epic" cycling journey.   Last summer taking two weeks to cycle 1,000 kilometers around Lake Ontario seemed big, but, 3,000 km. in ten weeks to go to Florida?  At this stage in my life, that classifies as epic.

There will, I trust be much, much more to come through this blog and other postings. For now though, let the journey begin!

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