Friday, August 24, 2012

Morphing Into a Traveling Explorer

Although my cycling journey hasn't yet begun I am now transitioning into a "traveler".  A traveler is someone who, at least in the moment, is without roots.  I noticed this when I glanced over at my  panniers stacked in my brother's living room. Those four little bags, attached to my bicycle, constitute at least the physical essence of my home and life for the next two or three months. During this journey I often will not know in the morning where I will find rest at the end of my day. In the event of bad weather, shelter may be in a mall or under a store awning or a bridge.  My next meal will often be an unknown. To be a traveler means to let go of the security of home, and trust the awesomeness of the world that surrounds you.

This afternoon I hope to get a peek at some of that awesomeness as I take in buskerfest at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto with my good friend Paul. A last wander through the gleaming steel and glass towers of this big city. Should be quite a change once I start pedaling along the southern shore of Lake Erie.

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