Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Demotorization"?!?! Could it Happen Here? | Wheels | Japan's cars popular abroad, spurned at home

Japan's younger generation is turning away from car ownership. The automotive industry calls it `kuruma banare", roughly translated as "demotorization".

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association predicts auto sales in Japan will fall to 4.86 million in 2009 – the first time below five million in more than three decades. This year, sales are projected at 5.11 million, the worst since 1980.

Could this ever happen in North America? Well, we can dream, can't we?

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  1. I sure hope so. Cars are so tired and old fashioned. Young people everywhere are more interested in computers, phones, etc.

    Did it ever make sense to be moving 2 tons for every transaction from major to minor? Hmmm, I want to pick up a shirt so I'll move 2 tons to the mall and then I'll move 2 tons back home. That sure is clever. Nothing crazy about that, right?

    I think that cars have ruined American culture. They cause isolation in common activities. Personally, I love the feeling of getting on a warm bus during a cold day. It's so cozy inside and people are extra friendly. That never happens in a car. Cars only make people angry at others. They also are the cause of the obesity epidemic and they make young people soft and pudgy, physically weak specimens. Good riddance to cars!