Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This Shouldn't Be About Who Shouts the Loudest or Has the Biggest Advertising Budget

If Stephen Harper's blustery performance in the House yesterday is any indication, the Conservatives apparently want to boil the Coalition debate down to who can shout the loudest. He once again is showing his true colours. The sign 'I am a Consensus Building Democrat' is not one that would hang easily around Mr. Harper's neck without evoking laughter. It is one thing to hold firm to your beliefs. We all have that right in a democracy. But to bluster and berate as he has sunk to is not impressive.

Making derogatory comments that the coalition partners have made a 'deal with the devil' by aligning themselves with 'separatists', may play well to his core constituency, but whether he likes it or not, these 'separatists' were duly elected by more than 1.3 million Quebecers. Mr. Harper may disagree with their view regarding Quebec's future within Canada, as I do, but tossing insulting hand grenades at whomever you disagree with is not helpful and shows an unseemly amount of disrespect from the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Canada.

Mr. Harper, show some respect for those who disagree with you. I urge you to call off the attack dogs. To those in the coalition, I urge you to not sink to Mr. Harper's level.

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