Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Speed of Social Media - Twitter, Blogs, etc.

Nora Young Interviews Ethan Zuckerman on Xenophiles and Cultural Bridge Figures

It was only a few days ago that I decided to sign up for "Twitter", primarily so I could learn more about it. Didn't really know why people would want to know what I was doing "right now", but I dove in. I then learned that I could "follow" others. This lead me to receiving twitter feeds from people such as Nora Young, host of the CBC Radio One show Spark, and Steve Paikin at "The Agenda" on TVO.

The above link, which I received only an hour or so ago, (via Twitter), takes you to an interview Nora did with Ethan Zuckerman that will air on January 7. Well worth listening to. He speaks very well about the transformative age we live in and the opportunities that exist for building cross cultural bridges. Have a listen.

For the time being, Twitter, (and Spark!) are providing food for thought.

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